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Slate Ventilator

Slate Ventilator

• Unobtrusive design, virtually unseen on the roof
• Suitable for low and high level ventilation, soil pipe and mechanical ventilation
• Driving rain performance tests carried out by BRE 1997
• 4mm integral grill prevents large insect ingress
• Underlay integrity maintained by side lap protectors
• Quick and easy to install
• Suitable for both new and refurbished roofs
• Minimum pitch 20 degrees

Production Specification
Top Cover – Natural Slate
Baseplate – Polypropylene
Fixings – 2 Copper Nails, 1 Stainless Steel Hook
Free Ventilation Area 10,000mm2
At ridge or high level, to achieve 5,000mm2 per linear metre- One Emperor slate ventilator every 2 metres.
At eaves or low level, to achieve 10,000mm2 per linear metre - One Emperor slate ventilator every 1 metre.

Colours: Full range available

Roof Space Ventilation
Complies with Building Regulations F2, 1985 Approved Document 1990 and BS 5250 1989, in all designs aspects and provides a weatherproof ventilation path from the roof void to the outside without impairing the weatherproof function of the structure.
Soil Pipe Ventilation
Complies with Building Regulations H1, 1985 Approved document, 1990 and BS 5572, 1978. Code of practice for Sanitary pipework with regard to soil pipe ventilation.
Natural/Mechanical Ventilation
Complies with Building Regulations in F1 and F2, 1990 and BS 5750, 1979, airflow resistance at 108m3/hr (30 litres/sec-50 PA).
Important Note:
The vent cannot be used for the extraction of hot gases. The information given is for general guidance only, please contact China Slate Ltd for further advice.

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