Strategic Alliances

Company History


China Slate Ltd was formed in 1997 by Fergus Liu, a chartered surveyor and successful Chinese entrepreneur based in Chesterfield, UK.

Its objective was to import high quality Chinese slate to meet the demands of the Western markets. To achieve this aim, China Slate Ltd bought into an existing Chinese slate supplier – Dongmu Slate Quarries. The immense popularity of Dongmu’s blue-black Emperor Roofing Slates meant that China Slate Ltd quickly grew a large client base of slate distributors and stockists throughout the UK and the USA.

Natural slates have been widely used throughout the world for roofing for over 200 years. It has now been recognised that Chinese Slates have origins dating back some 400 million years.

Fergus Liu is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and Advisor to many provinces in China. He has been assisting the Chinese people to develop the Chinese slate business since the early nineties.

The management team of China Slate Ltd has been working closely with the Chinese government and the local villages to develop high-grade, popular slates.

China Slate Ltd has adopted the business philosophy to form friendly partnerships with associates in China and the rest of the world so that Chinese slate can be developed into the best possible products, very similar in quality and likeness to those produced in Europe and America. For example, the Dongmu Quarries trains its large labour force to adopt modern technology to finish the Emperor slates in a similar way to Welsh slates.

Natural Slates Have Been Widely Used Throughout the World for Roofing for Over 200 Years.

Education and training is a top priority of China Slate Ltd and the local government.

Most of the good slate quarries are in inaccessible mountains, so it is China Slate's long term objective to install the necessary infrastructure to reach them, and to create immediate employment for local labourers to mine the slates. The living standard of the local villagers has been largely improved. In most of the quarries, there are plans to fill the valleys with slate waste to form level land for local village development.

Due to modern technology China Slate Limited along with the Chinese quarry management can control the logistics of slate movement on a daily basis.


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